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legion (noun) - a vast host, a multitude, or number of people or things


Tall order

Recently seen in Amsterdam


Something for your cup of tea

When browsing in a bookshop recently, I found two collections of short stories by my favourite author, Roald Dahl. I immediately bought one collection and returned there a few days later to ensure that no one else would have the opportunity to buy the other. Now, the inevitable problem with collections of short stories is overlap, meaning that there are always some that you’ve already read somewhere else. However, there were some new and delicious finds, amongst them was this particular thriller – A Man from the South. The premise of the tale is simple; a young man enters into a bet to win a Cadillac; the forfeit being the loss of his little finger. It’s a simple story, loaded with suspense. I read it in something of a nervous frenzy.

Unsurprisingly, I was delighted to find this last night on YouTube. It turns out that that it was the first Dahl story to be televised in Anglia Television’s Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, made in 1978.  This episode features an introduction from Dahl himself, whereby he explains how by necessity, a short story must be lean and concise, in order to hold a firm grip of the reader’s attention. Thankfully this ethos has been upheld with this production. So what I advise you do now is to take put the kettle on, settle down with a cup of tea, and enjoy.

Two Today

This blog is two today. In the last two years, I have had 12,399 page hits. Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, and especial thanks if you have liked it and came back for more.

Since I’ve moved to Prague, I’ve been keeping another, more literary blog –

My hope is to keep using this blog as a creative minefield of miss-mash odds and ends, whilst developing some longer written pieces over on the other site. I do hope that you’ll become a regular visitor to both.

In the words of Apu, “Thank you. Please come again.”

The Irreverent Mother

Back to life

This blog is two years old today. It’s recently been going through some rather lean times, so I think the time has come to reinvigorate it. Therefore, it seems appropriate to re-engage with life with this little song about death.

It’s called Dumb ways to die – an ode to train safety, provided by Melbourne Metro.

Who is this woman in red?

Do you know her? Because she’s not one of the Indian Olympic delegation, yet she walked out with them yesterday.

The Indians are furious about the imposter. Read about it here.

Use condoms

Boris Johnson on providing condoms for the athletes:

“We need to inspire a generation; not necessarily create a generation, which is what I worry they sometimes get up to in the Olympic village.”

Cello cello

John cracked up when he saw this the other day, so I thought it was worth posting. It’s just one of the clips that made it into the Woody Allen Documentary.

Culture Me!

My rowing season ended last Sunday, so in the last eight days have been blissful laziness. I don’t even know where my runners are, nor have I so much as looked at a river, nor sat in a boat, and the gym has become foreign territory. Instead, I have concentrated on becoming a cultural butterfly.

In the last eight days, I have ticked the following off the “Culture” list:

  • 2 Hour Historical Walking Tour of Dublin
  • Glengarry Glen Ross at the Gate
  • The Angel’s Share at the Screen
  • Woody Allen Documentary at the Screen
  • Guided Tour of Russborough House, Wicklow
  • Glendalough Monastic Settlement, Wicklow
  • Hurdygurdys at Bray Seafront, Wicklow
  • Trinity Orchestra play Pink Floyd at Christchurch Cathedral
  • Marina Abromivic: The Artist is Present at the Lighthouse

And that list doesn’t include the drinking! Life is good.

Consonant please Carol

Let’s see if you can see where this is going…

Soccer worth watching

I loathe soccer. I’ve always hated it. I was always crap at it, and it is dead boring to watch. However, this would spice things up a bit.

Here we see an antipersonnel land mine placed on the pitch, just to add an element of suspense. Now there is a game I would gladly watch.